ShadingAgent: Speed Things Up, Enhance Precision, Develop New Possibilities.

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But unlike for graphite pencils, for coloured ones, "smudging" (rubbing pigments one into another) is not an easy task. ShadingAgent is a tool that allows coloured pencils to be blended and shaded with ease - for both beginners and for the seasoned artist.

With a little practise, ShadingAgent very soon becomes an integrated part of the drawing process. The precise control, the artist has over ShadingAgent, prevents from falling for the "just the effect" syndrome, that ruins such a vast amount of otherwise good work.

It also keeps the character of drawings intact - the pigments and the papers structure are not smeared to death, which is, what happens with most other smudging techniques.

ShadingAgent consists of a mixture of different minerals, each one with defined specifications, separately treated to do its very part of the job. All the minerals are chemical inert, non-poisonous, not radioactive and do not change pigments or the chemics of paper.


  • Using ShadingAgent is not really a challenge. Because it was developed to get the "boring" out and the "fun" back into drawing, the use is quick and efficient.

Simply put, ShadingAgent is a white powder which makes the artists life easier. Yes, sure we know what you think now… but it’s a lot better! And legal.

The inventor of ShadingAgent optimized a blend of several minerals to get a blend which doesn’t change the watercolour pencils pigments it is made for.
Actually - it took a full decade to get the optimal results. And here it is, starting in Autumn 2014. Be part of it.

If you believe, that the development of such a blend was not an easy task, then you are absolutely right. Processing the ingredients and the mixture is not easy, too. While we were able to do that manually during the development, or work on rented installations , we need our own machines to do this in production scale.

ShadingAgent is well tested and marketed easily in our regional and state-wide tests. Another valuable point is, that ShadingAgent is inexpensive - and it will remain affordable, because we will distribute directly to the artist through our webstore. A side effect of our direct distribution plans is, that the buyer can be sure not to get fake material - which may appear from obscurity, pretty soon.